Fairytale wedding or magnificent party?!

Fairytale wedding or magnificent party?!

Why not host your wedding, company jubilee or birthday party with us? At Husby Säteri ca 15 weddings are organized per year. Our experience and practical knowhow is great and our solutions are many.

At Husby Säteri regardless of season or weather, it is always special to experience the finest of moments, celebrate the best occasions or just enjoy the past.

You can relax, enjoy the party and leave all the practical details to us. We will down to the smallest detail put our greatest effort into the menu, decorations, photography and the over night stay etc. 

The dining room holds ca 80 – 85 guests.

Of course we will tailor your suggestions, wishes and requests to suit you.

The dining room with its high ceiling and 18th century setting creates a delightful atmosphere when all the guests are gathered in it.

It is equally beautiful at Husby Säteri all year around and we dare to promise you memorable moments no matter what time of the year or size of party.  The dance is held in the Castle Hall. The old stone hall is the perfect setting for both the wedding waltz and the disco dance.





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